About Us

Forever our friend, main cameraman and a truly creative genius of Seacow.
We're gonna miss you, Brennon.

A Brief History of Seacow:

    Once upon a time there were two people named Trevor and Lauren. One day, Trevor said "Seacow" to Lauren. Lauren responded by dragging him across the room, and chucking him out the door. That is how the phrase "Seacow" gained popularity. Then, another day, Trevor ran into a tree and this site magically appeared out of thin air. It is now run by online video making powerhouse Seacow Studios and is home to their world famous, critically acclaimed videos!
    The Seacow team has been producing videos since middle school and now boasts a large collection spanning several genres. To date, their greatest accomplishment has been taking home the award for Best Picture in the 2008 Franklin High School Film Festival for their Star Wars spoof "Janitor Wars."
    In 2009, they successfully defended their title in the Franklin Film Festival by claiming Best Picture for "Dummkopf VIII," a silent film, while Evan claimed the Best Actor award for his portrayal of Slim. Their videos can be found on YouTube.

Carver: Webmaster and Production Guru 
Brennon: Camera Overlord

Evan: Senator McCain
Luke: The Big Man
Keysa: Irish
Meaghan: Giggling Hiccuper
: Trololo