For Brennon Buhl, our friend and fellow Seacow.

the early months of 2010, we lost one of our closest, dearest friends. A creative genius and an integral part of the Seacow video-making team, Brennon held a passion for film that he expressed in many ways. His love and appreciation of cinema was unsurpassed by anyone I've ever met.

His enthusiasm for film was rivaled only by his immense creativity, clever wit, and sharp intellect. He brought his numerous talents to Seacow, helping us achieve some of our greatest accomplishments.

Willing to contribute both behind the camera and in front, we reached new levels of cinematic realization on our way three consecutive entries to the annual Franklin Film Festival at Franklin High School in Portland, Oregon. After our first attempt at a relatively long film (longer than our previous "YouTube-sized" videos), which failed to win Best Picture at the Festival, we returned with two Best Picture-winning classics: Janitor Wars (our Star Wars parody) and Dummkopf VIII (our old-style silent film). Brennon's contributions to the creative process were instrumental to our success.
Working with him, both in school and in film, was an absolute blast, and he was usually the first person I went to when I had an idea I needed to bounce off somebody. We were truly privileged to have had Brennon as a member of our team, contributing his ideas and humor to our productions. It is without a doubt that Seacow would have never been the same without him and we will forever deeply miss his contributions, and even more so, his friendship.

Though Brennon's Hollywood aspirations were never fully realized, what he did accomplish in the short time he was given will stand the test of time as the work of a talented, hard-working young genius making his way into the world of cinema. I'm just glad that I was able to be a part of the ride and that the Seacow organization was able to help facilitate his journey in cinema.

You will always be missed and never forgotten.